This is the story of people from different horizons coming together in a beautiful, yet unknown country to experience a one-of-a lifetime journey of creative collaboration and inter-cultural dialogue in experimental art, music, dance and human interaction. An outer journey of exploring the magnificence of the country, as well as an inner journey to the soul’s beauty. Travelling throughout the lost spaces of wild nature high in the Tien-Shan mountains in the company of artists, travellers, shepherds and knowledge-keepers from more than five countries has led to the birth of this photography exhibition in Geneva, where the Kyrgyzway project was born a few years ago leading to a series of cultural and thematic trips.

Boutique Volupté, Geneva, Switzerland

Felt, scarves, shyrdaks

Art Studio BUKON, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Cette technique ancestrale consiste au frottement de la laine à l'eau chaude savonneuse. Les poils du mouton sont

débarrassés de leurs impuretés, lavés, cardés et teintés. On dispose de petites mèches de laine côte à côte en les

superposant comme les tuiles d'un toit. On ajoute une deuxième couche de la même façon pour croiser les fibres.

On arrose ensuite ce « matelas » d'eau chaude savonneuse et, une fois les fibres bien imbibées, on commence à les 

masser, puis à frotter de plus en plus fort pour activer le feutrage. Le savon, la chaleur, l'humidité, la pression et les

mouvements répétés provoquent une réaction des écailles des poils de mouton, qui s'ouvrent puis s'accrochent les

unes aux autres de façon irréversible. 

This ancient technique wool friction consists in hot water soap. Hair sheep are cleared of impurities, washed, carded and dyed. There is little wool roving side by side in the ove lapping like tiles on a roof. Is added a second layer of

similarly to cross the fibers. One then sprinkles it 'mattress' water soapy and once well soaked fibers, it starts the massaging and rubbing increasingly hard to activate felting. Soap, heat, humidity, pressure and repeated movements cause reaction scales of sheep hair, which open and cling one another irreversibly. 

Kyrgyz-Event, Geneva, Switzerland

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