One of the greatest sons of the city of Venice is the world traveler and adventurer Marco Polo (1254 - 1324)

Marco Polo was born in 1254 in the lagoon city of Venice, the son of the merchant Niccoló Polo. He spent his youth in Venice mainly with his mother, as the father took along with his brother as a merchant very many trips. However, the largest and longest journey brings the three Polos together to China in the kingdom of Kublai Khan

Marco Polo was one of the most important travelers of the Middle Ages and provided the first descriptions of the "Far East" with his adventure report "Wonderful Travels". This book, which was initially dismissed as a lie, had Marco Polo - 1298 guessed in a naval battle in Genoa captivity (1298 - 1299) - his inmate Rustichello da Pisa dictated.



Marco Polo dies in his hometown of Venice on January 8, 1324. According to Jacopo d'Aqui's report, however, Marco Polo said he replied on his deathbed:  " I did not tell half of what I saw ! "


Where is the location of the house of the Polo family?


The former home of the Polo family burnt down in 1596. The house and probably also the birthplace of Marco Polo is located in the Sestiere Cannaregio in the immediate vicinity of the church of San Giovanni Chrisostomo and the Malibran Theater. Two courtyards (Corte) lead to the façade of the former house of the Polo family, part of which is still preserved. The facade can be seen on the Corte del milion