TRIO INTERCONTINENTAL - Bern (CH) - 12 September 2017


Two masters of traditional Central Asian music meet a Jazz player from Zurich with a special flair for distant worlds: the Trio Intercontinental en route between Orient and Occident, between tradition and modernity.


Jusup Aisaev, Kyrgyzstan

Abduvali Ikramov, Tajikistan

Martin Schumacher, Switzerland


Further information about the Trio Intercontinental and musical examples from the two CDs “A musical bridge” (2007) and “Silk Road Suite” (2012) can be found under the following link:


Before the concert, there will be a short introduction to the BPN Foundation.

Additionally, impressions from Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan will be shown by the photographer Jean-Marc Keller. 

photos of the event taken by jmk